Membership Application

Membership Application

Our member vessels pursue a wide range of activities:

  • Bottom trawling, mostly carried out to catch whitefish, prawns and all kinds of flatfish
  • Pelagic or midwater trawling, mostly this is carried out by pairs of vessels, one towing each side of the net. The main target species are mackerel, herring, sprat and pilchard
  • Gillnetting, a method which is used to catch whitefish. Seining, a method used to catch whitefish.
  • Potting, a method used to catch crab, lobsters, shrimp, prawns and velvet crabs.
  • Lining, a method which is used to catch mackerel, white pollack and tuna.
  • Dredging, a method used for catching scallops, oysters, razor fish or mussels.

How To Become a Member

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  • Michael Cavanagh – Greencastle, Co. Donegal – MFV
  • Niall Connolly – Clogherhead, Co.Louth – MFV
  • Bill Deasy – Union Hall, Co. Cork – MFV
  • Stephen Dirrane – Arran Islands, Co. Galway – MFV
  • Eamonn Dixon – Belmullet, Co. Mayo – MFV
  • Frank Fleming – Schull, Co. Cork – MFV
  • Anthony Sheehy – Baltimore, Co.Cork – MFV
  • John Tattan – Ballycotton, Co.Cork – MFV
  • Damien Turner – Castletownbere, Co.Cork – MFV