Rockabill Shellfish

Rockabill Shellfish

“From the cold waters of the North Atlantic to the Consumer.”

Who are we?

A family-run company with more than 30 years experience in the fishing industry, operating our own fleet of trawlers, refrigerated trucks and two Irish processing plants located in Dublin and Cork.

What can we do for you?

We can supply you with assured quality ‘Irish’ seafood products, including frozen and fresh Scampi (Nephrops Norvegicus); Razor Claims (Ensis Siliqua); Monkfish (Lophius Piscatorius), Velvet Crab (Portunus Puber), Crab, Cockles, Whole Fish and fish Fillets.

Guaranteeed Quality

Through direct ownership of all logistic, we are able to control the entire product cycle. Furthermore, we strictly adhere to all EU quality and safety regulations. This allows us to guarantee our quality “From the sea bed to the supermarket shelf”.

In fact, in recent independent review of the best practices of fish and shellfish producers, Rockabill was ranked number one, clearly positioning the company as a World Class leader in our sector.

Shellfish Factory: Rockabill Balbriggan, Co Dublin, Ireland.

Our shellfish factory is located on a 3.5 acre site on the East coast of Ireland beside major fishing ports and is only 15 minutes from Dublin Airport. We use state of the art Liquid Nitrogen Freezing  to immediately freeze our products. Once frozen the products are transferred to our on-site cold storage warehouse to maintain them at a constant temperature of -25⁰C. The plant employs 65+ people and most of the processes are done by hand by our highly skilled and trained staff to ensure the best quality.

Fish Factory: Rockabill Skibbereen, Co Cork, Ireland:

Rockabill Skibbereen is located on a 12 acre site next to the major fishing ports on the South and West coast of Ireland near prime  fishing grounds. Product arrives into our purpose built goods inwards area, which is chilled to keep the product at its freshest during weighing, grading and QC checks. Fish can be packed whole or filleted according to different customer requirements. The plant employs 60+ people and all our filleting staff are fully trained to ensure the best quality and practises.

Trawler Owners

At Rockabill we maintain our own fleet of 12 modern trawlers, all equipped with on-board refrigeration. Rockabill also buys a portion of their supply from up to 100 carefully selected and monitored Irish Trawlers to ensure their adherence to our high standards.

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