Responsible Practices

Our member vessels are implementing the BIM Environmental Management System which was developed by close collaboration between BIM and the Irish catching sector. This system allows vessels demonstrate their commitment to responsible fishing practices.

Participating vessels and crews employ various conservation measures that are recognized as contributing to sustainability. Examples are using fishing gear that goes above legal requirements which helps to retain larger whitefish while allowing undersized fish to escape from the net into the sea alive and taking a pro-active role working with the scientific community on stock assessment and sampling programs.

Member vessels have achieved and are undergoing various third party certification schemes depending on the fisheries they are involved in. These range from The Marine Stewardship Council sustainability accreditation in some of our pelagic fisheries to the BIM Stewardship Scheme for demersal and shellfish vessels.

Our vessels are involved in a “clean the seas” project which means they are bringing ashore marine debris caught during fishing operations to help clean our seas for all users of the marine environment. This further serves to protect marine wildlife.